Welcome to the Villa Eyrie Wine Society, where fine wine meets delectable cuisine.

A great meal starts with the perfect glass of wine and the Summit Restaurant at the Villa Eyrie Resort is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Wine Society, which will inevitably start a new chapter of wine culture on Vancouver Island. Here’s your opportunity to learn more about selecting the right wines to pair with your dinners. Or, perhaps you are interested in the viticulture of wines from different countries or regions. No matter the reason, we invite you to join our wine pairing series to enjoy exceptional food paired with great wines and the company of like-minded individuals at one unforgettable venue.

Wine Culture

Wine culture is more than matching vintages to the meals we enjoy. It is a way to show recognition of the environment where the grapes grow and the diverse culture surrounding the vintner. The perfect paring of wine to the foods we prepare becomes an elegant meld of these values to enhance your palate with an immersive understanding of all their origins.

The Villa Eyrie Resort and the Wine Society’s purpose is to bring together appreciators of viticulture and fine cuisine. Whether you’re new to wine or an expert sommelier, this new society will introduce everyone to priceless knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the wines from around the world.

Next Event

Friday, February 2, 2018

Event Details:
Menu: A Pacific North West themed 5-course dinner including 5 unique wine pairings
Location: Summit Restaurant at the Villa Eyrie Resort
Time: 6:30 pm
Price: $135 per person (taxes & gratuities additional)

Amigos, Comida, Vino

The rich, Spanish-influenced tradition in grape-growing continues through the wineries of Argentina. With fertile soils nourished by the melting glacier from the Andes overhead, the wine industry flourishes and produces some of the world’s most vibrant and fruity wines.

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