It is often said that
Champagne is for celebrating!

With the passing of 2017 into 2018, everyone that joined our romantic New Years “Midnight in Venice” gala, happily raised their spirits and glasses in mutual celebration.

While overlooking the entire city from our mountainside vantage point, our guests enjoyed an elegant 6-course dinner made by the talented culinary Summit Restaurant team. It was a delicious way to bring together locally sourced ingredients for a feast to honour the year in passing.

Fitting with our masquerade theme, our staff and honoured guests all donned complimentary handcrafted masks created by local Venetian mask master, Gianfranco Zanardo. A beautiful keepsake for everyone to remember a night filled with beautiful music, joyful dancing, and great company at a magical place under the stars.

As the fireworks filled the night sky, everyone raised their glasses to say goodbye to 2017 and to bless 2018 with tides of joy and optimism.

We like to thank all our guests who came to our gala, and our staff who shared their evening with them. From all of us at the Villa Eyrie Resort, Happy New Years and a prosperous 2018.