Ever since the 1840s when the British stated to intensify their settlement of the Pacific Northwest, tea has been an important part of the culture of Vancouver Island. To honour this heritage, we proudly offer a comprehensive selection from METZ, an exclusive luxury brand by the Metropolitan Tea Company, available at Alpina Restaurant and in all guestrooms, with our entire restaurant team diligently trained on proper tea service etiquette.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or as an evening accompaniment, we invite you to enjoy a masterful tea experience at the top of the mountain.

The Metropolitan Tea Company

As a wholesale provider, you won’t find METZ teas at any regular store. With its headquarters and global distribution centre in Toronto, all ingredients utilized in any of the dozens of different custom blends are sourced from only the top producers around the world. To maintain the highest quality standards, agricultural products are only purchased at peak season and vacuum-packed for enduring freshness. Additionally, each individual tea bag is then constructed using a specialized nitrogen-atmosphere packing process that minimizes exposure to oxygen, giving flavoured and herbal teas a shelf-life of up to ten years.

Tea Flavours at Villa Eyrie

All tea at Alpina Restaurant is served in leak-proof Puddifoot teapots with steel mesh infusers for the optimal aroma and flavour profile, while our servers have been specifically trained to speak to any of the following selection.

  • Decaffeinated Breakfast*
  • Orange Pekoe*
  • Blue Nile Chamomile*
  • Cascade Peppermint*
  • English Breakfast (organic)*
  • Angel Falls Mist
  • Cochin Masala Chai
  • Cucumber Melon
  • Mediterranean Blue
  • Jasmine Gold Dragon
  • Earl Grey (organic)
  • Lemon Mango (organic)
  • Turmeric Ginger Peach (organic)

* also available in-room for overnight guests