The Return of an Iconic Destination

Formerly known as the Aerie Resort & Spa, the Villa Eyrie Resort was launched on September 28, 2016 with one goal in mind, to become one of the premium destination resorts in Canada. With $2 million invested in its renovation, the new Villa Eyrie Resort honours the legacy of the original retreat and prepares it once again for a successful operation with modern designs and a level of unparalleled service within all parts of the property.  From West Coast contemporary rooms to our full service concierge, we’re taking your Vancouver Island escape to new heights.

We would like to say a special thank you to Volker Grady, Serena Ho, Nicole Jimenez and Cindy Mui for their efforts over the last 10 months in planning and facilitating the opening of this amazing resort. Everything is set and it looks amazingly perfect and we have to credit them with this accomplishment. Thank you for finding and hiring an incredible team, planning the opening sequence, preparing all marketing materials, setting the expectation and designing the processes for the resort. 

Come and experience all that the Villa Eyrie Resort has to offer.