We present to you our culinary team with an exciting vision of exceptional freshness and thoughtfully hand-selected elements with a fine balance of European and West Coast cuisine at Villa Eyrie Resort. These exceptionally talented chefs bring together a unique culmination of distinguished backgrounds and wealth of culinary experience.

Mario Gross, Executive Chef, Summit Restaurant

Mario Gross, Executive Chef

Mario Gross completed his culinary apprenticeship at the age of 19, at the one Michelin-star Relais & Chateaux Hotel Dollenberg, in the Black Forest of Germany. He built steadily upon this foundation of excellence, next at Der Alpenhof hotel near Munich. As the Executive Chef at Villa Eyrie Resort, he is fundamental to the restaurant.

Mario then moved to Berlin, to work within the Hyatt Hotel Group, before moving to the iconic Waldhotel Sonnora, which has held three Michelin stars for 18 consecutive years. Under the mentorship of Chef Helmut Thieltges, Mario learned the invaluable art of tasting, examining and perfecting each and every plate of food. He learned to finely balance flavours, and to strive always for perfection. It was then time to go to the one-star Wine & Tafelhous, in the Mosel, where, after three years, he became Head Chef, all the while maintaining the restaurant’s Michelin status.This is where Mario met his wife to be. She had been living in Edmonton, and they together went there, a big change for Mario. He found a chef position at the famous Hardware Grill, and worked side by side with owner and chef Larry Stewart. Mario strives to apply his skills, passion, tasting prowess and search for perfection to the island’s newest fine dining experience at Alpina Restaurant.

Matthias Conradi, Pastry Chef, Summit Restaurant-conradi-8362-2016-bw-web-final

Matthias Conradi, Master Pastry Chef

Matthias Conradi is our Master Pastry Chef at the Villa Eyrie Resort. As well as baking all the fresh breads and desserts, he has perfected a fantastic sourdough rye bread that is a must try. As a regular part of the restaurant offerings, it accompanies all the finest handmade desserts and pastries for everyone to enjoy.

Matthias has had thus far a colourful, deep set of experiences, including extensive training, and then Chef Patissier positions in Germany, Abu Dhabi, and Switzerland, before making the bold move to Tofino’s Wikaninnish Inn, at the personal behest of chef extraordinaire Rodney Butters. He operated Patissier Conradi for three years in Tofino, before joining the culinary team at Sooke Harbour House. He remained at this legendary restaurant for several years, learning how to adapt his baking and his desserts to the rigours of a 100-mile diet.One of his favourite things is to deconstruct a dish, and re-assemble it in a completely new way. He often makes elegant, beautiful sketches of his dishes, and he develops them. He often takes the natural bounty around him as a main source of inspiration.