Dear Valued Clients,

At Villa Eyrie Resort, we pride ourselves on providing all of our valued guests with an exceptional hospitality experience. This pride guides us each and every day to adapt and come out stronger than ever before.  With that in mind, we have made numerous alterations to our current operating processes and procedures to ensure the safety of all of our guests and our entire team, which remains our highest priority.

We applaud and appreciate the dedicated healthcare workers and law enforcement who keep us safe and our local community supporters who keep businesses going.  Thank you for putting your trust in Villa Eyrie Resort.  Our action plan will be monitored daily and adjusted accordingly as needed.

The following outlines some of those safety measures:  

Increased Sanitization Process:

  1. We are reinforcing recommendations provided by the appropriate health and safety requirements throughout our operations in addition to many others as outlined in our operational processes. (see below)
  2. Strict and thorough cleaning and sanitization of all touch-points including all surfaces, common areas, public washrooms, team work stations, tables, chairs, payment machines, kitchen, guest rooms, public areas, in-room amenities, dining materials, and all other guest facing components.
  3. All dishware, silverware, table-top items are washed with high temperature/sanitizing settings following health Canada instructions. Take-out containers and disposable cups are also available.
  4. Indoor mineral pool, spa and workout facility are temporarily closed to ensure proper social distancing and safe hygienic measures.

On-Site Safety Requirements: 

  1. Signage is displayed throughout the business to highlight proper hand washing, prevention, best practices and proper social distancing.
  2. We require proper social distancing during daily interactions and refrain from hand shaking and other forms of physical greetings.
  3. Common areas with limited spacing require a maximum of two guests at a time and in smaller areas, one guest is permitted to pass before another can safely proceed.
  4. All staff are required to wear masks and fresh gloves (or sanitize their hands in between each guest) when delivering food and when performing sanitization.  They are required to practice frequent hand washing in between and prior to food service.
  5. At this time, for the safety of our guests and our employees during COVID-19, and under the advisement of the BC Health Authority, we are not permitted to enter a room occupied by a guest.  Items cannot be left outside the room should another guest come in contact with the items.  As a result, guests will be required to visit front desk for ‘additional’ amenities and supplies beyond what has already been placed in their rooms.
  6. View these documents highlighting all of our procedures:

We recognize that COVID-19 has encouraged all of us to be more mindful as we carry on throughout our day. At Villa Eyrie Resort, our team is committed to achieving the highest standards of hygiene and sanitization so you can have peace of mind during your stay.

We appreciate that this may be the “new normal” for an extended period of time and we would like to assure you that your safety and experience are our first priority. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 1-250-856-0188 or by email at

We look forward to welcoming you in the near future.


The Villa Eyrie Resort Team